Friday, July 25, 2008

Ryno Basketball Tourney in Grandview.

Today Ryno played in his first game of a 3 day tournament just outside of Prosser in the big city of Grandview. It's kinda cool because it's only 5 minutes away. Makes it nice to have him playing so close. They lost pretty badly, but Ryno did well. They played a team from the reservation so it was a little bit scrappier ball then they are used to.

Sisters Weekend

Wow what a great weekend!!! Had the opportunity to spend a weekend with my Grandma, Mom, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins and Nieces. How cool is that.

We all went down to my Moms house in Rockaway Beach Oregon. All 13 of us. Not all of us were there though. 9 female family members could not make it. Hopefully next year.

Spent the weekend walking the beach, checking out Seaside and BBQing. You just can't ask for much more. Great food, Great family and Great conversation.

In attendance was Grandma B, Mom, Jill, Kayla, Steph, Sami, Susan, Deana, Holly, Carrie, Me, Sandy & Diane.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 3rd of July????

When you are a professional firefighter, yes you celebrate the 3rd of July and work on the 4th!!!

We had a great time though with other firefighter families. One of the guys Ryan works with has some land outside of town with a 3 hole golf course.

He hosted a heck of a party. There was golf, Slip n' sliding (140 ft worth) great conversation and of course tons of illegal fireworks. We ate so much that night that I didn't have to eat the next day.

When looking at the pic of Ryan on the slide you might be thinking "Is that a white shirt he has on?" but no it's not. That is what the Savage family calls a well earned golfer's tan.

Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th.

Friday, July 4, 2008

AAU Golf Tournament

Yes believe it or not, they even have AAU Golf. This year the boys have decided to compete in AAU Golf tournaments that are held around the area. One was held last Saturday at our club Black Rock Creak Country Club and Colby took 1st place in his age group and Cameron took 2nd place in his age group.

They are having lots of fun and learning all about the differences between playing for fun and playing in a tournament. It is fun to watch them. They are so competitive.

Ryan and I get to be their caddies and give them pointers along the way.

The guy in the pic shaking Cameron's hand is Jeff our golf pro and the organizer of the local AAU program.
Ryan and I figure we are investing in our future. he he.....

Savages Melt In 104 Degree Heat...

We complained because we thought summer would never get here. Now it's 104 degrees and the Savages are melting. Crazy I know, but it's too hot to golf so what else is there to do? Well swim of course. Colby and Cameron (sometimes Mom too) like to cool off down at the local swimming pool here in Prosser. It's quite the hang out for all their school friend so they enjoy catching up with everyone.

They had to swim across the pool and back in front of a life guard in order to be aloud to swim in the deep end of the pool (that's where the cool kids hang out). The Pics are of the day they got it done.