Friday, December 11, 2009

Basement Construction Has Started

We have lived here at 1918 Benson Ave for almost 2 years now and have wanted to finish the basement since the day we moved in. Well the time has finally arrived. It has been just a couple of weeks now and things are looking good. We (I mean Ryan) has put up some walls to separate off an office area and another storage room. We( I mean him and I) hung sheetrock on both the walls and the ceiling. If you have never hung sheetrock on a ceiling it is an experience, one that we do not recommend doing with your spouse. We ( I mean Ryan ) are now down to taping and texturing. Things are looking good.

The walls are up.

Sheetrock and Tape.

Getting ready for texture.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


A couple of times a year the fire station burns a vacant house down (on purpose) to learn more about fire and how it grows in a structure. This year I was invited down to take pictures of the event. The fire crews involved included the City of Sunnyside Fire and Yakima County Fire Dist. There were a lot of fire fighters there.

What they do is set a fire in a corner of the house and watch how it grows. When it starts to get large, they put it out. Then another group goes in and they do it again in another corner. Once everyone has had a chance to watch the burn, they let the fire take over the house. Very cool.

Ryan and his friend Chad getting ready for their turn in the house.

Them coming out of the house.

Time to let it burn.

Ryan's shift.

Fire fighters don't usually stand around and take pics while a house is burning down.

My very own HERO!!!!